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màn hình android theo xe kia k3 gps ( dvd kia k3)

Tên sản phẩm : màn hình android theo xe kia k3 gps ( dvd kia k3)
Mã sản phẩm:
Giá :
3,900,000 vnđ
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màn hình dvd theo xe kia k3 gps ( dvd kia k3) , dvd k3


thông số kỹ thuật và mô tả:

    · 7 inch touch screen

    · CPU: 600MHz (ARM11 + 300MHz DSP)

    · DDR2: 256M

    · FLASH: 256M

    · Support for 4-32 GB memory card

    FM / AM multichannel transceiver, German FAKARA radio standard

    · AUDIO DSP: NXP 135MHz

    DVD \ CD \ CD-R \ CD-RW and MP4, WMA, WAV and avi, rmvb / rm ...

    · Amplifier: ST7801, integrated HIFI

    · USB 2.0 port

    · CMMB \ DVB-T \ ISDB-T digital TV and analog TV

    · Standard AUX port

    · Supports 5.1 surround sound system, max output 4Vrms

    · IPHONE \ IPOD \ ITOUCH port support

    · Supports two GSM & GPS antennas

    · AV-OUT, AV-IN port support

    · Bluetooth connectivity support.

    · Supports custom audio mode

    · Touch screen with intelligent user interface.

    · Rear USD connector, USB slot, photo browser, laptop.

    · SD card connector on the front.

    Built-in navigation system (micro SD card), built-in GPS functionality, latest global map software, intellignet voice guidance, route planner (optional), global GPS connection, Modern guide to genuine VietMap.

    · Built-in Bluetooth with A2DP, handfree set.optional, Bluetooth integration and contacts loading on DVD

    · 4 x 40W, maximum power.

    · 4 x 25W RMS, output power.

    · 3-band EQ.

    · 4.1 line-out channels: front, rear and subwoofer.

    · 1 video output

    · PAL / NTSC compatible.

    · Support camera backward, backward sensor.

    · AV 2 x RCA input.

    · Hands-free steering control, support for steering wheel controls.

    · Play all formats: DVD / VCD / DVD / R / RW / DVD ± R / RW / DVD ± R / RW

    · RDS (Radio Data System): The world's list of radio channels, providing radio frequencies of countries around the world.

    · DAB (Digital Video Broadcast): Digital video broadcasting - a standard used for MPEG-2 signals broadcast via satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcasting.

    ISDB - Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting is a Japanese standard for digital television (DTV) and digital radio (DAB) used by networks. Broadcast and television of the country.

    · DVR: Digital Video Recorder

    TMC: Technology Management Center: A program that supports the DVD player system.

    I Mode (Siri iPhone / iPod / APP Music Controller, Samsung, Google Now and APP Music Controller).

    · Play DIVX format

    · Remote control.

    · ATV / ISDB / DVB-T

    . Microprocessor 1.2 GH, 768 MB RAM

    . Game app on screen

    . Computer integrated on DVD

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